I’ve got some exciting news today: the Creative Christianity Summit is happening, and you’re invited. 

It’s a lockdown-life friendly, 5-day virtual conference exploring faith and creativity - complete with 12-month access to the recordings.

There are over 30 sessions with everything from Bible teaching, to interviews, to creative workshops, to keynote sessions, and there are some seriously incredible people taking part. 

It explores questions like… 

  • What does it mean that Jesus is the image of His Father in the book of Colossians? How does that impact our creativity as we follow Him? 
  • What does it mean for our creativity when our identity is found in Christ?
  • What does influence look like when you’re a Christian? How can you use it to share true life? 
  • How is the Living God proclaimed in communities, publishing, theatre, music, and the visual arts? 
  • How can you serve your local church with creativity? What does it mean for the local church to be full of creative people?

 Fancy joining me?

Click on the picture below